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DP GACHAGUA explains why he won’t ever pardon RAILA ODINGA


Rigathi Gachagua, the deputy president, has explained why Raila Odinga, the head of the Azimio One Kenya Party, will never earn his forgiveness.

Speaking on Sunday at a church event in Kericho, Gachagua threatened to hold Raila Odinga accountable for taking former President Uhuru Kenyatta to a protest march two weeks prior.

The second in command claimed that by placing the former president on top of a truck to protest the election victory, Raila denigrated the former president’s position.

“Yet, we are unable to overlook what he recently did. He took Uhuru, our beloved and esteemed former president. He brought him out of retirement and placed him atop a truck. He severely wronged us for doing that, according to Gachagua.

“Uhuru may have made us feel inferior, but he was still our leader. Gachagua continued, “I am truly worried that Raila may provoke him into hurling stones.

Uhuru was one of the boisterous Azimio fans who joined Raila to a protest gathering in Kisumu two weeks ago.

Uhuru declared during the event that he would continue to back Raila and would go wherever Baba goes.

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