After 4 police officers were killed by bandits, the Police Commission requests RUTO for “protection.”


Days after four police officers were ambushed and killed along the Kitale-Lodwar Highway, the National Police Service Commission (NPSC) demanded an end to the banditry that is rife.

NPSC Chairperson Eliud Kinuthia expressed worry in a statement, noting that the vice has caused a high rate of employee attrition in the Kerio Valley region.

Therefore, he urged local and governmental authorities to come up with a plan to put a stop to the senseless killings in Kerio Valley, particularly those of police personnel.

Kinuthia urged the insurance company to pay the families of the slain policemen and to give them a dignified send-off.

“The Commission urges upon political and community leaders to find for a durable solution” because of the high rate of employment turnover in the Kerio Valley area.

The insurance service provider is urged by the Commission to expedite reimbursement and provide the departing officers a dignified send-off, Kinuthia said.

As 27 individuals, including 4 police officers, have been killed by bandits in the last 40 days, the situation in Kerio Valley continues to get worse.


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