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Because to his greed and lies, RUTO has let down millions of hustlers, according to KIRWA


Millions of hustlers who backed the Kenya Kwanza Alliance regime, according to former agriculture minister Kipruto Arap Kirwa, are dissatisfied with how President William Ruto is running the nation.

In an interview with K24 TV on Wednesday, Kirwa claimed that Ruto is losing the support of hustlers to Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio One Kenya Alliance party, since he has fallen short of the commitments he made to Kenyans during his campaigns for president.

But because some of the expectations aren’t being met, those hustlers are returning to Raila, which is frightening William Ruto and everyone connected to Kenya Kwanza, according to Kirwa, a former member of parliament from Cherangani.

Even if the Azimio alliance disintegrates or takes on a new form, according to Kirwa, Raila will still be Ruto’s top rival in the upcoming general elections.

In order to cope with a candidate they believe will be simple to defeat, they wish Raila will leave politics.

Kirwa referred to Raila’s retirement as an invention.

According to Kirwa, some nations have had presidents who are older than Raila.

He argued that Raila’s retirement was unworkable.

He declared, “If they want to disorganize us, we’re going to disorganize them too by making sure they keep the commitments they made.

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