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As the fight against tax fraud takes an unpleasant turn, RAILA is now threatening RUTO


President William Ruto has been urged by Azimio Leader Raila Odinga to leave former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta and his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta alone or else he will have to deal with him.

Raila stated yesterday at the Kamukunji Grounds in Kibra that Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua ought to honor Mama Ngina.

He asserted that Mama Ngina’s decision to publicly address the Kenya Kwanza government’s allegations of tax evasion was embarrassing.

“Mama Ngina spoke out on the subject on Saturday because they truly humiliated her. She spent time in Kamiti after being detained during the Mau Mau. She is your grandmother’s age and you treat her with no respect, Odinga said.

The Azimio chief said that the 1969 implementation of a 1963 law that exempted presidents from paying taxes.

He charged Ruto and Gachagua with ignorance, though, given that the legislation had been changed in 1982 to exempt not only the presidents’ heirs but also every Kenyan from paying taxes on inherited estates when their parents passed away.

“The law originally simply exempted Jomo Kenyatta, but after Moi assumed power in 1981, he added his name.

“The parliament excused all Kenyans from paying taxes in 1982 if they received land as an inheritance from their parents after they passed away. That is the succession legislation, said the former premier.

By putting prominent tax evaders to the government and to lead state corporations, according to Odinga, Ruto encouraged tax evasion.

After Mama Ngina refuted charges that she had not sent remittances to the revenue collector, the former prime minister attacked the administration the following day.



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