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Why are you so interested in my life? – KAMENE GORO confronts detractors


Even after leaving Kiss FM, where she reportedly made over Ksh 500,000 per month, seasoned media personality Kameme Goro is still making money.

Kamene has been the target of jokes from detractors, some of whom have wondered how she would make it without the rich employment.

Kamene responded to her detractors in a social media post.

She questioned why people were interested in her life rather than taking meaningful action to better their own lives.

“Over the years, I’ve adhered to the “don’t read the comment area” rule, but lately, there have been a lot of alerts that are quite hostile.

Why are you so concerned about my life, darling haters? She asked, “I honestly don’t get how you can be so venomously invested in someone.

Kamene boasted that she is still accepting checks and told those who were teasing her to direct their ire in another direction.

So that you can stop trolling from a dismal condition of life and come hate on me in the bank when I’m cashing my checks, how about you focus that energy and investment into yourself and see how you can improve in your own life?

She continued, “Wacha mauchungu, come, I’ll teach you how to get money.”



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