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LUHYA man charged with fabricating the death of his son


After being charged in court with fabricating the death of his kid, a Luhya father was ordered to remain in police prison for a further 14 days.

The Kabete police requested a general approval from Kikuyu Senior Resident Magistrates Catherine Mugo to keep detaining the suspect, Wilson Isoyi, in order to complete the investigation.

The elderly man was detained on January 30 at Gaitubi, Kabete sub-county, after mourners realized he had misled them about the death of their son.

It was said that he informed his friends and neighbors that his kid had vanished on January 5, 2023, only for the authorities to find his lifeless body two days later. The suspect’s family members immediately started planning for the burial that was scheduled to take place in Emuhaya, Vihiga county.

In order to pay for the boy’s dignified grave, mourners and well-wishers raised more than Ksh 100,000, which they then gave to the boy’s “bereaved” family.

When the eulogy printer requested the photo of his child, which he didn’t have, Wilson’s mischief began to bubble to the surface.

Mary Wanjik, his neighbor, spoke to reporters;

“We were now anticipating the burial day when we had already handed him the money for the coffin and hearse, as well as the printing of the funeral program and eulogy.

He was instructed to provide a photo of the boy by the burial preparation committee, but he did not. He began making lame reasons, such as the fact that incorporating it in the eulogy goes against his cultural views.

Unaware mourners had assembled at the city mortuary on the day of the burial, prepared to take the body and bring it to Emuhaya for the burial, but the suspect had inexplicably vanished.

Added another neighbor;

He had informed us that the city mortuary was where we would find the hearse, the casket, and a public speech system. We were very disappointed to see that there was nothing similar and that the man was not present.

Last Sunday, Wilson—who is now accused of getting money under false pretense—came out of hiding, angered neighbors alerted the police, who apprehended him.

Additionally, it was learned that he took a committee member’s phone while making preparations for the fictitious burial, but the issue was handled internally.



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