Charges of domestic abuse against NBA player AMAR STOUDEMIRE were dismissed


Amar Stoudemire, an NBA player, was accused of engaging in domestic abuse at his residence in December 2022; the allegations against him have since been dropped.

Amar is alleged to have struck one of his teenage daughters across the face at least twice, according to an earlier allegation. The 40-year-old has categorically refuted the accusation, asserting that he would never harm another person.

The victim’s refusal to cooperate in the criminal case’s prosecution led to the charges relating to the event from December 2022 being withdrawn, the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office informed CBS Miami on Tuesday, January 31.

Amar spoke with TMZ Sport following the dismissal of the case.

“A little more than a month ago, the world of my family was turned upside down when I was accused of things that we all knew to be false and that I immediately and publicly refuted.

“Today, I’m appreciative that all accusations were dropped following a thorough inquiry. Fortunately, everyone in my family—especially my amazing children—is doing well. My belief in the goodness we all possess has never diminished and is at an all-time high. My devotion to my family knows no bounds.

“I appreciate all of the respect and assistance from my family, friends, and coworkers. Now that this chapter is over, I am eagerly anticipating all the wonderful times I will have with my family.


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