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AHMEDNASIR reveals UHURU’s theft of Sh 6.09 billion from the sale of Telkom Kenya


According to how he struck a covert arrangement with Telkom Kenya and received more than Sh 6.09 billion last year, former president Uhuru Kenyatta was the major cartel in his administration.

A few days before President William Ruto took the oath of office in September of last year, the British investment firm Helios Investment Partners left the Kenyan market after selling its 60% ownership in Telkom Kenya to the Kenyan Treasury for KES 6.09 billion ($50 million).

According to Ahmednasir, Uhuru telephoned the Treasury and pushed them to purchase Helios shares in order for the government to fully possess Telkom Kenya.

Surprisingly, the Sh 6.09 billion was wired to a significant Kenyan bank account rather than Helios.

President William Ruto was questioned by the attorney about a type of robbery that occurred a few weeks before he took office as the fifth President of the Republic of Kenya.

Few days before H.E. @WilliamsRuto took the oath of office, the Treasury purchased Telkom Kenya back for $60 million on directives from above. Recall that GOK received $1 for selling Telkom. The 60 million was subsequently deposited to a prominent Kenyan’s account. Why is H.E. Ruto not using force to stop this robbery? Ahmednasir published something on Twitter.



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