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Gabriel Jesus, an Arsenal striker, broke up with his partner barely eight months after their daughter was born


Just eight months after the couple welcomed their daughter, Arsenal star Gabriel Jesus and his partner Raiane Lima decided to call it quits.

Raiane, who recently announced that she and the Gunners star were no longer together on her Instagram, corroborated the information.

The social media influencer left out any specifics about what had happened between her and her famous football player boyfriend in a now-deleted article post.

Before rumors start to circulate, I would like to make it clear that Gabriel and I are no longer a couple, Raiane stated on her Instagram story.

And anyone who wishes to judge may do so. Anyone with a negative message to convey may talk.

“Since some find it disgraceful, I announce the end of something that nearly destroyed me myself.

“Whoever wants to rejoice can do so” (especially family members).

“Now that I’ve written this, you should know that I’ll never again talk about what we went through or anything to do with our kid.

“There was no betrayal; there was only constant pressure from all sides.

“We got along fine, but it always affected us because of other people’s difficulties.

I won’t force myself into something that’s killing me because I can’t handle it any longer.

Eight months have passed since Raiane gave birth to their daughter Helena.

Additionally, Raiane removed images of Jesus from her Instagram page.



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