Due to a dispute over his remains, the court compels two women to bury their husband along the property line


In order to prevent an impending family quarrel, a Thika Court ordered a family of two wives and 13 children to bury their spouse on the line between their two neighboring parcels of land.

Christopher Mbote, a well-known Kiambu businessman who passed away on Friday, January 27, 2023, was about to be buried before the second wife filed a lawsuit to halt it. On her land, the first wife had already dug a grave.

In addition, Chief Magistrate Stella Atambo ruled that both parties should have easy access to the cemetery and that the burial should be dug equally from both sides of the property.

Ann Njeri Mbote, the second wife, petitioned the court to halt the funeral arrangements on the grounds that she had not been involved in them since her husband, with whom she had six children, passed away.

A Title Deed for that specific piece of land was also required to list the names of the two spouses with whom he had a combined total of 13 children for the family.

The court directs that Christopher Mbote’s remains be interred on the property marked LR13537/101. that the mother title’s burial location would be removed, and a new title will be granted in the combined names of the two wives,” CM Atambo gave the order.

The deceased will be buried on February 3rd, 2023, as directed by the court, and both wives, represented by their attorneys, have agreed that no party will be left outdoors during the funeral preparations.

“We will make every effort to maintain harmony between these two families. We appreciate the judiciary’s role in the mediation and anticipate that moving future, Christopher’s family will function as one. Mungai Wainaina, the attorney, said.

With his first wife, Margret Waithira, Mbote, 78, had had seven children. According to his family, he wanted to be buried in his rural Gatundu home. After a protracted illness, he passed away on Monday of last week in a Nairobi hospital.

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