ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC’s assertions that Argentina won’t win another World Cup are rebutted by SERGIO AGUERO


Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s comments that Argentina’s World Cup celebrations were “disrespectful” and that they would not win again drew a response from Sergio Aguero.

The ex-Argentina attacker, 34, who was a member of the squad’s training camp in Qatar, was involved in the raucous celebrations that followed the thrilling victory over France on penalties.

The former AC Milan player Ibrahimovic asserted that Argentina will not win another World Cup because of their extravagant celebrations.

According to Ibrahimovic, Argentina will unquestionably win the World Cup, according to France Inter. Who will win if you want to remember the World Cup in Qatar for the rest of time? Messi, the Argentine captain. (Mbappe not? No, Messi is regarded as the greatest player in history.

However, I feel bad for Mbappe because it would be terribly disappointing to score four goals in the championship game (including the penalty shootout) and not be awarded the World Cup. I don’t worry about Mbappe because he will win another World Cup and has already won one.

“I’m concerned about the other Argentina players since they won’t win anything else,” I said. Messi will be remembered because he has achieved everything. We cannot respect the rest of them because of their poor behavior.

“This is coming from a very accomplished professional football player like myself. You don’t win like that, therefore to me, it’s a sign that they will only succeed once and then fail to succeed again.

Following his criticism of his country’s World Cup victory, Sergio Aguero, who was forced to retire due to a heart condition in December 2021, launched into an all-out tirade against the former Sweden international.

Do I express my opinions or not? Zlatan. Ibrahimovic. Ibra-himovic. The name is the same, but Zlatan is preferable because it’s less difficult to pronounce. Aguero got things going.

“Zlatan, perhaps it was better to conclude that you wanted France to win, to say that the others behaved terribly, before stating that.” If they misbehaved, you state as a very competent professional.

“You played, and I played well too.” But let’s not forget that you also misbehaved while having fun. I think so, right? In other words, we don’t toss stones if they would subsequently throw them back at us.

“In Argentina, it’s said that you shouldn’t vomit if you’re going to tumble. I’m not sure. Or let’s keep in mind that you might exhibit, ah, undesirable habits on the court. a little ironing

“Some pineapple, some pineapple,” I recall you hitting him with a pineapple in Galaxy, and then, I recall, you pretended he harmed you and walked on you. Is that for you acting appropriately or inappropriately? Let’s reflect.

‘I recall that Manchester City and United were the opponents. At the bank, I was. You attended plays and responded.

I believe you are the least qualified person to say that they acted inappropriately. I feel. I believe you are mistaken on this one. It’s ultimately your choice, right?

I think it is quite impolite to claim that we won’t be winning any more games. I believe that you should worry about your nation and your players, who weren’t even in the previous World Cups, before you worry about Argentina.

“Could we believe that? They did not categorize. However, I’m not sure. More than just fretting about Argentina and acting that way… Of sure, I share your perspective.

And Messi triumphed. It may enrage you that Messi won the World Cup, which is why it kills you to acknowledge that Messi is the finest player in the world and that it bothers you that Argentina hosted the World Cup.

It’s football, folks. It can be performed well or poorly at times. You perform well on the field while acting foolishly. I’m not sure. Also keep in mind that other nations behaved poorly.

In addition, it’s strange because he’s a good fighter. fighter. It’s like me saying that these players are horrible milk and hit like crazy because I always get into fights on the field. And I am one of those people who hits a lot.

I’m expressing something that is illogical. Simply put, it’s unfair. His assertions are unfair. There is no reason to debate if you tell me that you are a good, very good (behavioral) player.

You are a fighter, though. I recall that during a City vs. United game, you and Otamendi got into a physical altercation as well. You and Pep Guardiola had a disagreement.

I suppose Pep wants to sell you something from Barcelona later on. I assume that before you can discuss how Argentina behaved badly, you must first examine your career to determine whether you behaved well or somewhat well. Additionally, I don’t think you acted well.

Did I kill Zlatan, the highest goal scorer for Manchester City all-time continued? He eliminated my friends. I was present. Furthermore, since I was present, you are welcome to contact me as well.

“I feel as though you tossed me, and now I’m tossing you.” We are the world champs, and you want to commit suicide, Zlatan. And, sorry, Messi is the best player in the world.

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