View the actions that the President commanded AG MUTURI to take after BABA sparked a revolution against him


As leaders of the minority camp, the former prime minister Raila Odinga and his running companion Martha Karua may soon enter parliament.

President William Ruto had previously asked Attorney General Justin Muturi to submit a proposal that would have provided Raila and Karua jobs that would keep them occupied.

According to the recently revealed proposal, Raila will take over Karua’s position as Leader of the Minority in the National Assembly.

However, the modifications won’t go into effect until MPs agree to them.

Muturi claimed that because the proposal would modify a section of the constitution, there was no need to hold a referendum on it.

“It is feasible, and a referendum is not required. Article 108 can be modified a little bit so that the presidential candidate who finishes second in the polls serves as the minority leader in the National Assembly (NA) and that candidate’s running mate serves as the leader of the Senate, according to Justin Muturi.

The AG outlined how the action will support the Opposition in its efforts to hold the administration accountable.

Following Raila’s declaration that he does not recognize Ruto as president and the beginning of a revolution to remove him from office, Muturi’s proposal was made; this action may have scared Ruto into coming up with something that will appease the opposition.

One could see Ruto’s offer as a handshake with Raila.


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