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The head of the Kiambu DCI explains why it took so long for FRIDAH’s parents to identify their daughter’s body


The body of Fridah Kamuyu, a 22-year-old woman who died at Titanic Dam in Juja while having fun with a married guy, was stored at the City Mortuary for more than a week before her parents were able to identify it.

Fridah’s parents believed everything was well since, according to Kiambu County Criminal Investigations Officer (CCIO) Richard Mwaura, she rarely called home.

She had no identification with her at the time of her death.

The CID chief claimed that after analyzing Kamuyu’s fingerprints, they were able to confirm her identification and notify her parents.

When Fridah first met Titus Maina, the married man she had an affair with, they were both working at a Mpesa store in Thika Town.

Before they perished in the dam catastrophe, they had only been dating for three months.

“In November 2022, she received her degree from college, and she began working as an M-Pesa shop assistant in Thika Town. As far as we know, Gikonyo, a local of Makongeni, was someone she met while working. Their friendship developed into a loving one. They had been dating for three months when they passed away, according to Mwaura.

Kamuyu was the second of four children born to his parents (three girls and one boy).



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