President RUTO receives criticism from MARTHA KARUA for establishing the Office of the Opposition Leader


Martha Karua, the chairwoman of Narc Kenya, has criticized President William Ruto for his plan to establish the Office of the Opposition Leader.

As part of what Ruto has referred to as strengthening institutions of governance, his administration is seeking to establish the position of leader of the official opposition.

According to him, such a position will serve as the foundation for good governance in a democratic system that demands robust oversight mechanisms.

Karua, however, asserted on Friday that President William Ruto is ineligible to counsel the opposition on how to oversee the government.

Karua claimed in a statement on Friday that once someone is your rival, they are unable to provide you advice.

“Your rivals can never support you or serve as your mentor, period!” 

said Karua.

Raila Odinga, a former prime minister of Kenya, has also voiced opposition to the establishment of the office, claiming that Ruto seeks to oust the opposition and impose tyranny.


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