MUDAVADI cautions LUHYAs against being used by RAILA ODINGA’s pointless protest demonstrations


The Luhya community’s leaders and voters have been asked by Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi not to attend the scheduled nationwide protests organized by Raila Odinga of the Azimio One Kenya Alliance.

Speaking at a gathering of leaders from Western Kenya on Friday in Busia County, Mudavadi advised Luhyas not to attend Raila Odinga’s protest gatherings since the senior politician is a power-hungry individual.

Mudavadi urged Raila Odinga to accept the results of the election and proceed like other leaders, asking why he is still protesting five months after the election.

“My brother Raila Odinga’s action is tremendously detrimental to Kenya, a country that values peace.

“Where has he been since the August election that he is suddenly declaring that the elections were not free and fair five months later?

Mudavadi stated, “I want to advise him to man up, accept the election result, and go on.

In order to strengthen the Mulembe Nation’s negotiating position in Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza Alliance administration, he also pushed members of the Luhya community who are in opposition to join the government.

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