Man kills himself in Mwingi after arguing with his wife


After a fight with his wife, a cab driver in Mwingi town took his own life.

David Maluki, a neighbor who had witnessed the argument, came across Joshua Tungu’s body after he had hanged himself.

The deceased’s body was found hanging from the roof by the neighbor, who later alerted others.

We noticed his body hanging from the roof after hearing an odd noise coming from his home, the man claimed.

Maluki, who said that the dead got along well with his neighbors, told the police that Joshua and his wife had a fight, and as a result, the woman left their marital house.

His brother stayed the night to keep an eye on him after his wife left him.

A call informing him that Tungu had killed himself came a short while after the brother had left the house.

His body was taken to a morgue close by.


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