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KAMENE GORO, 30, says she is getting married after quitting her radio job.


The well-known radio host Kamene Goro intends to wed her fiancé, the Mombasa-based deejay Dj Bonnez.

After hosting her final program at Kiss FM, Kamene gave an interview where she informed her audience to expect a wedding soon.

She does not, however, have any immediate plans to start a family.

This is not the first time Kamene Goro has spoken publicly about her desire to avoid having children.

The cheery radio diva claimed last year that she was not prepared for the sacrifices associated with having children.

“I have no plans for children. It is a bit tedious, there are numerous sacrifices involved, and it’s probably not something I want to undertake.

In an interview, she added, “Plus kids are pricey; consider school tuition, health care, and more.”

She added that she doesn’t like how time-consuming and constrained the pregnancy experience is.

“Nine months seems like a long time, and everything I’ve heard about pregnancy is really frightful. There is childbirth, which is not a simple process. I want complete control over my life. She said, “I want to wake up and declare that I want to travel to Zanzibar.



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