Eulogy for the man who drowned with his sweetheart at Titanic Dam


The late businessman Titus Maina’s eulogy has surfaced online and received a range of responses. Maina was killed when his Nissan X-Trail crashed into Titanic Dam in Juja when he was with his 22-year-old fiancée.

Despite being married, Maina’s wife was not acknowledged in the eulogy.

Even his children were not mentioned in the brief, synopsis-like eulogy.

Social media users asked inquiries and speculated on possible plans by Maina’s family to disinherit his wife.

“This eulogy ought to frighten the wife. A user on social media predicted a family argument.

Unknown to another social media user, Maina may have introduced his wife to the family.

“Has the ‘Goat wife’ ever met the family before? The key question is that, the user wrote.

On Friday, Maina was laid to rest in his Nyeri County community.

Below is his eulogy.

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