BONIFACE MWANGI discusses the hardships he and his kids have experienced as a result of supporting RAILA ODINGA and MARTHA KARUA


Award-winning human rights advocate Boniface Mwangi has discussed the hardships he has had as a result of his support for Martha Karua and Raila Odinga, the candidates for the Azimio One Kenya Alliance, in the 2016 presidential election.

Mwangi claimed that backing Raila Odinga caused him a great deal of suffering in a conversation with journalist Mark Masai.

Mwangi, a prize-winning photographer, added that his political actions leading up to the August 9, 2022, presidential election had an impact on his family, particularly his kids.

“There are many things you lose. My children are incredibly intelligent. My kids could act in commercials and advertisements, but whenever they go auditions, they are turned down,” he said.

He further disclosed that because of his political activity, his children had to leave their homes and that they had trouble getting employment or taking part in projects as a result of his support for Raila and Karua.

Mwangi continued by saying, “I would inquire for a job but when they hear it’s my name I get canceled,” in reference to how difficult it has been for him to find employment due to his political engagement.

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