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Woman receives a 20-year prison term for giving an indigenous doctor a kid with albinism

A KwaZulu-Natal lady was given a 20-year prison term for selling an albino child to a local physician.

According to court records, the South African woman offered the child to a traditional healer in Manguzi, a town in the province’s far north, in exchange for R100,000.

The provincial department of social development released the following statement:

She informed James Mthembu, a healer, that a youngster from her community may be utilized for traditional medicine. The event happened in June 2016, and Mthembu got in touch with the police after coming to an understanding with the offender. The woman was immediately taken into custody by the police and accused of attempting to traffic people.

A Ngwavuma magistrate’s court has now sentenced the lady to 20 years in prison for attempting to sell the child.

The traditional healer was praised by KwaZulu-Natal MEC Nonhlanhla Khoza for reporting the incident when the woman approached him. Khoza claimed:

Such honest traditional healers who are prepared to point out wrongdoings are what we need more of. There is no medicine made from human flesh. Killing someone is brutal, and everyone who participates in it must answer to the law. Traditional healers, with whom we have had multiple interactions, are very clear that using human body parts for treatment is not possible.

“We cannot allow circumstances to exist in our neighborhoods when a particular group is constantly on the verge of being attacked. The woman who committed the crime should have received a harsh sentence, serving as a warning to those who may still be abusing the rights of people with albinism. We anticipate that all those responsible for such terrible deeds will be discouraged by this.


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