MESSI has accomplished everything and will live in memory, but I’m concerned about the Argentina players.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a striker for AC Milan, slammed Argentina’s post-World Cup celebrations as “disrespectful” and predicted that they would not win the tournament again.

South America won the 2023 World Cup in Qatar in late December after defeating France 4-2 on penalties after the match ended 3-3 after extra time.

The seasoned AC Milan player Ibrahimovic also predicted that Argentina will not win another world championship due to their extravagant celebrations.

Argentina will undoubtedly win the World Cup, he declared. Who will win if you want to remember the World Cup in Qatar for the rest of time? Messi, the Argentine captain. (Mbappe not? No, Messi is regarded as the greatest player in history.

“I’m concerned about the other Argentina players since they won’t win anything else,” I said. Messi will be remembered because he has achieved everything. We cannot respect the rest of them because of their poor behavior.

“This is coming from a very accomplished professional football player like myself. You don’t win like that, therefore to me, it’s a sign that they will only succeed once and then fail to succeed again.


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