KIM KARDASHIAN issued a restraining order against the man who showed up at her house, claimed to be her husband, and sent her a diamond ring.


A man who showed up at Kim Kardashian’s house, named her his wife, brought her a diamond ring, and made other unwanted advances has been given a temporary restraining order.

The reality personality, 42, said in court documents seen by TMZ that the man, whose name is Jomonie Victor Zigler, first started contacting her last month. The reality star has dealt with various stalkers through the judicial system over the years.

Kardashian informed the court, through her attorney Shawn Holley, that security frequently barred 28-year-old Zigler from entering her home, and that he wrote derogatory things about her online while referring to her as his spouse.

Kardashian claimed that Zigler also delivered stuff to her house, including the ring and hotel room keys, and that he has a history of violent crimes including threats and guns.

According to TMZ, Kardashian last month won a five-year restraining order against Andre Persaud, who claimed he could communicate with the reality star “telepathically.”

Kardashian testified in court that Persaud, whom she had never met, had visited her house three times in August 2022 and that she was concerned that things would get violent.

Persaud was prohibited by a Los Angeles judge from interacting with Kardashian, approaching her within 100 yards, owning or holding any firearms, and handing over any that he does own to law enforcement.


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