After pleading guilty to driving under the influence, Newcastle United striker JOELINTON, 26, received a 12-month suspension and a $31,000 fine.


Joelinton, a football player for Newcastle United, admitted guilt to driving under the influence and was sentenced to a 12-month driving suspension and a $31,085 fine.

Police stopped the 26-year-old Brazilian star after spotting his £170,000 Mercedes G wagon with the license number 2022 on Ponteland Road in Newcastle at around 1.20 a.m. on January 12.

After admitting to driving under the influence, the Brazilian celebrity received a punishment of less than one week’s pay.

He failed a breathalyzer test because the legal limit is 35mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath, whereas he had 43mg.

He was given a $29,000 fine and a 12-month driving restriction by District Judge Paul Currer, which will be reduced to nine months if he successfully completes a rehabilitation program by August.

Joelinton was informed by the judge that he must impose a fine ranging from 75% to 120% of his weekly salary, which was estimated based on records indicating that his weekly salary was £43,000;

Even though Joelinton was described as a guy of “excellent reputation,” the player must still pay a £2,000 surcharge and £85 in court fees.

The prosecutor, Jonathan Stirland, told the court that when police saw his automobile speeding close to the football field, they asked the driver to stop.

Joelinton cooperated with the authorities and admitted to having two glasses of wine earlier in the evening.

His roadside breath test read 50 mg per 100 ml, but one of two follow-up tests at Forth Banks police station showed a reading of 43 mg, the court was told.

The Brazilian was arrested only 48 hours after playing a key role in his team’s victory over Leicester City at St. James’ Park.

The player’s eyes were described by the arresting police as being “glazed over,” but a later analysis of bodycam footage showed that he “looked good.”

‘I would be urging you to impose the minimum disqualification,’ he pleaded with the judge.

He honestly believed he could operate a vehicle.

Both on the scene and inside the police station, “He was completely docile and cooperative.”

District Judge Currer stated that he was persuaded by Joelinton’s remorse after considering his early guilty plea and cooperation with law enforcement. But he let Joelinton know that driving under the influence is a serious crime.


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