A well-known Ohangla musician is criticized by OFWENEKE’s ex-wife NICAH for attempting to sabotage her current relationship.


Popular Ohangla singer Emma Jalamo has been forewarned against making overtures by Dr. Ofweneke’s ex-wife Nicah The Queen.

Nicah stated on social media that Emma Jalamo is attempting to endanger her relationship with Dj Slahver by making repeated advances.

“@emmajalamo please please, I’m in a serious relationship and you are causing me difficulties with my man! I know this will look awful on me, but I don’t want to ruin my relationship! You began off calling me at odd hours of the night, and now it’s gotten to the point where you’re posting me on Facebook,” she complained.

She continued by alleging that Emma Jalamo has been bribing her with lavish vacations and money-sending.

As if that weren’t enough, he followed her to Mombasa, where she was on vacation with her fiancé and children, and offered her vacation tickets to Malaysia. He had supposedly recently sent her Ksh 200,000 via Mpesa, but she returned the money to him.

“You sent me 200k on my M-PESA the other day, which made my man assume we’re involved! I returned the money to you, but that wasn’t enough for you—you followed me to Mombasa and offered to buy my tickets to Malaysia and a blank check after seeing my Instagram pictures! I’m not a socialite or a gold-digger, so please don’t take these offers,” she pleaded.

Nicah added that Slahver abandoned her and the children in Mombasa after becoming upset with the singer’s actions.

The social media celebrity begged her soon-to-be husband to pardon her and take her back to their house.

However, Internet users speculate that Nicah and Emma Jalamo may be vying for influence to promote a new single.


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