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Magoha Left His Wife Two Instructions Before His Death


George Magoha, a former cabinet secretary for education, received two instructions from his deceased self before he passed away.

Doctor Walter Mwanda, a close friend of Magoha’s, reported to the media on Tuesday, January 24, that Magoha had told his wife to phone their son and daughter-in-law.

He made no mention of the talk Magoha had with his son prior to his passing out at home, though.

Mwanda also claimed that later, Magoha’s widow would provide further information about his final directives to the general public.

At Lee Funeral Home on January 24, 2023, Dr. Walter Mwanda gives a press conference.

“He informed his wife that he had a premonition and that he was delighted because his time had come. She was then instructed to contact the son and daughter-in-law “said Mwanda.

He continued by saying that the former CS also asked his wife to call him (Mwanda) so that they could speak.

The doctor admitted that when he received a phone from Magoha’s wife, he was already caring for a patient at Kenyatta National Hospital.

“She called me at around 3 p.m. and said she urgently needed me. I got in my car and drove to the patient’s house after asking a doctor to take over the examination “He declared.

“She called me at around 3 o’clock and said she needed me immediately. I got in my car and drove off towards the patient’s house after asking a doctor to take over the examination,” he said.

Notably, as stated by Mwanda, Magoha’s directive to keep the son close him during his final moments nearly offered him a second chance at life.

The medic reported that after the father passed out for the first time at home, the son, a doctor, revived him.

I took his blood pressure after locating him sitting down. He fell out of his chair as I was recording, so we moved him to the son’s car.

“His son, a physician, performed resuscitation after he collapsed. However, he slumped once more as he approached the casualty area, “He declared.

On January 24, Magoha had a heart arrest at his house. According to Mwanda, the former CS fell down a total of four times.

The former CS passed away at Nairobi Hospital while undergoing medical care. His remains were brought to the Lee Funeral Home.

Dr Barbara Odudu Essien Magoha, Prof. George Magoha’s wife.



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