The judges of Britain’s Got Talent decline to sign a new contract after a new judge is offered the same salary as theirs.


Organisers of Britain’s Got Talent are having a lot of trouble since Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon are refusing to sign new contracts due to a wage dispute with Bruno Tonioli, the new judge.

They are apparently indignant that Bruno Tonioli, the new judge, will earn the same salary (£850,000) as they do from the talent competition.

Alesha, 44, and Amanda, 51, are apparently refusing to sign a new contract, which could cause the show, which is scheduled to begin production on Tuesday, January 24, to fall into disarray.

The newest season will be Amanda’s 17th on the program, and Alesha’s 11th as one of the judges.

According to insiders, despite their longevity on the show, the two are not at all pleased that Bruno may enter his debut series on the same salary as they are.

The Sun was told by a source;

Given that filming for the upcoming series starts at the London Palladium on Tuesday, BGT is experiencing some difficulties.

It’s getting close; Bruno was working on his contract negotiations on Friday as well.

According to a source, Amanda and Alesha waited to sign their new contract until it was known who would replace David Walliams. And now that the 67-year-old choreographer has made her announcement, the pair is prepared to question managers about their present pay.

The source also said;

“Amanda and Alesha won’t sign their contracts until their pay concerns have been resolved.

They made the decision to wait and maintain their position after finding out that Bruno would receive the same wage.

“Initially, a seven-figure pay offer for Bruno was on the table, but it was reduced out of concern for reaction; as a result, there is now a schism between them because they received the same amount.

“Amanda and Alesha agree on this and won’t back down.

“Amanda and Alesha are powerful, creative, and capable women who put forth a lot of effort. And they are right to feel that it is unfair for a newcomer to enter the show and receive the same treatment as them.

Alesha previously vowed to always support Amanda and said the two would never permit anyone to set them against one another in an interview with Fabulous Magazine.

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