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See what was found by investigators after searching a residence in Thika  (PHOTOs).


Detectives have seized a shipment of fake alcoholic beverages as part of an ongoing investigation into sophisticated tax evasion tactics used by sellers of alcoholic products.

The careful investigation carried out by DCI sleuths and representatives from the Kenya Revenue Authority resulted in the recovery of over 300 cartons holding thousands of bottles of fake spirits intended for the local market.

The fake beverages, whose consumer safety could not be determined right once, were sold in bottles bearing prominent youth-oriented brand names including Kane Extra, King Vodka, Nest Vodka, Hunters Vodka, Chrome Vodka, Blue Ice Vodka, Konyagi, Triple Ace, Hunters Vodka, K.C. Vodka, and Kibao.

In a previous operation, the detectives acting on information, seized the unlawful consignment, hundreds of liters of ethanol, empty bottles of various brands, and residential property at Mugi Court in Makongeni Thika Sub-County.

The KRA officials who accompanied our officers throughout the operation also attested to the fact that the drinks were confiscated with fake revenue stamps attached.

The find came days after detectives detained people involved in the production of counterfeit KRA stamps, including those from Tanzania’s and Uganda’s neighbors.

Following the discovery that dishonest companies had developed new strategies for dodging taxes, His Excellency President William Ruto recently ordered the police to conduct intelligence-led operations targeting counterfeit goods.

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