SAKAJA clarifies the situation after he was seen using an expensive chopper to roam through Western and Nyanza.


Johnson Sakaja, the governor of Nairobi County, has made it clear where the funds came from to enable him to fly to the Nyanza and Western Kenya regions over the weekend.

Sakaja was seen driving around in Western Kenya in a pricey helicopter, and many Kenyans asserted that he was paying for his travel on the backs of taxpaying citizens.

A Kenyan who believed he should have taken a commercial airline suggested that a cabinet directive be put in place prohibiting the usage of funds from public coffers to pay for expensive transportation for public officials.

“A cabinet memo should prohibit public officials from using helicopters. Misuse of public funds is what it is. Why was Sakaja unable to take the first flight out of Nairobi at 7 p.m. to Kisumu for the inter-county competitions and Western burials? “Kenya is sick,” tweeted Dr. Njoki Wamai.

Governor Sakaja quickly refuted, saying that he had paid for his travel and that no public money had been used to cover his flight costs.

“Why do you think it’s public money, anyway? I handled engagements in four counties fairly effectively and paid for my own trip,” Sakaja said.

As hundreds of Nairobi citizens continue to go to bed hungry as a result of the city’s rising cost of living, Sakaja’s pricey excursion to Western Kenya is taking place.


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