‘Rust’ director ALEC BALDWIN won’t be prosecuted for shooting


Despite the fact that the same bullet that killed cameraman Halyna Hutchins also killed “Rust” director Joel Souza, actor Alec Baldwin will not be held accountable.

According to the Santa Fe District Attorney’s Office, there is simply no criminal related to the Souza event.

The DA claims that the only way to describe the shooting of Souza is as a “unintentional battery,” even though there was no such thing. Even the D.A. agrees that Baldwin had no malice in mind when she committed a battery. Alleged carelessness is the basis of the Baldwin defense.

This comes after the district attorney received criticism for declaring that Baldwin would be prosecuted with manslaughter in connection with Halyna’s death.

Baldwin’s attorneys will undoubtedly claim that the actor did not act recklessly because he only followed long-standing custom if the case proceeds to trial.

The D.A. came under fire when it revealed that Baldwin would be charged for his work as the movie’s executive producer, despite the fact that he only accepted the position to increase back-end revenues.


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