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Millicent Omanga severely criticizes BABA over the Kamukunji rally

Former senator Millicent Omanga, who was never nominated, has vehemently criticized former leader Raila Odinga for intending to host a rally at Kamukunji Grounds on Monday.

Omanga claimed that Raila is attempting to pressure President William Ruto into shaking hands through his maandamano and that he won’t stop till he receives it.

“The purpose of the ongoing maandamano threats is to try to induce a handshake with the government.

She tweeted, “He won’t stop until the President gives him that attention.

However, President Ruto is not like former President Uhuru Kenyatta, who shook hands with Raila, according to Omanga.

He said, “Huyu wa sasa sio kama ule wa kitambo. Hello, Ilishaenda!” she exclaimed.

In response to a dossier that suggests Odinga’s victory in the elections of August 9 was fraudulent, Raila called the rally, according to his followers, to show his supporters a “path forward.”

The country’s peace and tranquillity will not be disturbed by a small group of people pursuing their own interests, according to President Ruto.


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