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In Vihiga, an assassin reports to the police after a female client declines to pay him for killing her buddy.


An individual who allegedly hired a man from Vihiga to kill a 43-year-old woman failed to pay the man, leading the man to admit to the murder.

A woman allegedly paid the assassin to assassinate the victim, who was reported to be her acquaintance.

He then went to the Mbale Police Station on January 15 and reported that his accomplice had declined to give him Sh20,000 for carrying out a murderous scheme.

The two suspects have been detained for murder, according to Benjamin Ong’ombe, the commander of the Vihiga County Police, who verified the occurrence on Saturday, January 21.

The assassin confessed to having been recruited to kill a middle-aged woman at Sahini Village in Sabatia Constituency for unspecified reasons, according to the police chief.

According to Ong’ombe, “he told police authorities at the Mbale station that a guy who hired him to kill a woman in Sahini refused to pay him after he had slain his victim.”

“He claimed that he immediately killed the 43-year-old victim by stabbing her in the neck. He became enraged because his employer, a lady, had declined to pay him. He went and made a report at the Mbale Police Station in an effort to get his co-accused ordered to compensate him. Ong’ombe claimed, “He admitted to the crime.

The victim’s body was discovered in a pool of blood inside an abandoned home, according to police, who claim the man directed them there.

“When he first admitted to the crime, we assumed he was joking. When we learned that he had actually committed the crime, we were stunned,” stated Ong’ombe.

At the crime site, a knife that may have been used in the murder was discovered.

The victim’s body was delivered to the morgue at Vihiga County Referral Hospital.

Police still don’t know why the 43-year-old victim’s murderer recruited the suspect.

Police were informed by the victim’s sister that the woman who reportedly hired the male suspect to kill her brother was someone she knew.

The sister claimed that the suspect and the victim were close friends who occasionally helped each other out around the house.

“The suspect had given my sister a loan, but she didn’t pay it back on time. According to the deceased’s sibling, the suspect could have killed her because of the debt.

The family of the deceased is now requesting justice.

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