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We can’t remain silent any longer! The well-known Bomas Choir negatively portrays CHEBUKATI

Additionally to rigging Raila Odinga’s victory in favor of President William Ruto, former IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati may also have deceived the renowned Bomas Choir, which helped him to calm things down as Kenyans anxiously awaited the announcement of the presidential election results on August 9, 2022.

This is what the singers from various choirs who provided entertainment for Kenyans at the August 2022 General Election in Bomas of Kenya claim.

The singers are currently protesting their unpaid services to the IEBC and the nation.

The singers claim that despite being promised payment, they have not yet received anything.

The choir sang patriotic songs that reduced tensions among Kenyans for over a week at Bomas, where many people expressed happiness at their presence.

Even as schools begin on Monday, some choir members have publicly said that they have not yet received the money they worked so hard for.

They were assured that their pay would arrive six weeks after the announcement of the presidential results, but it has been six months and no pay, claims Victor Onyango, a lead vocalist in one of the choirs at Bomas.

According to Onyango, 80% of the choir members only rely on their singing as a source of income. Therefore, the late payment has had a negative impact on their way of life and that of their families.

“I can promise you that the majority of the choir members you saw there don’t do anything besides sing. It supports their way of life. Withholding their wages has a significant impact on them. They are returning to school, and they have families,” Onyango lamented.


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