Shock as it becomes apparent that foreign powers are now urging RUTO and RAILA to shake hands after an IEBC insider revealed that BABA did, in fact, win the poll.


After the IEBC report that BABA won the 2022 election by a lopsided majority, President William Ruto and ODM Leader Raila Odinga may shake hands.

Speaking in an interview, Jubilee Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni disclosed that through their separate embassies in the country, some Western countries had started discussions in an effort to persuade Raila’s Azimio to reduce pressure and slow down on politics.

Despite without revealing the details of the intrigues, he claimed to have knowledge of attempts to reconcile Azimio and the ruling party.

It happened when I was with Musalia and it is happening now: all those embassies will constantly be asking parties to work together, Kioni said. “After every election, you will see the Western nations through the embassies attempting to communicate to all parties who participated in the election.”

Days prior to Raila’s troop meeting with the United Kingdom ambassador to Kenya, Jane Marriot, in Azimio, Kioni made his revelations.

In a statement released following the meeting, Marriot stated that the debate focused on the significance of a strong opposition and national development initiatives.

According to Odinga, the discussion touched on potential areas of cooperation between his group and the UK government.

This occurs despite the fact that Ruto has repeatedly stated that he did not want to shake hands with Raila Odinga.

This was in contrast to earlier rumors that the government intended to amicably engage the opposition through the proposed establishment of an Office of Official Opposition Leader.

The claims from Kioni also coincide with a dossier from an IEBC insider indicating that Raila did, in fact, win the 2022 presidential election.

What will happen next is still uncertain.


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