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Now, RUTO justifies his decision to snoop on our mobile money transactions and violate our privacy.


President William Ruto justified the government’s decision to tighten the nation’s tax collecting program, including compromising individuals’ privacy by tracking their mobile money transactions in real-time to guarantee they are paying taxes honestly.

At the ordination and installation of Reverend Henry Juma Odonya as the bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Kitale, which took place at the Kitale Showgrounds in Trans-Nzoia County, Ruto emphasized that only by collecting taxes would his administration be able to finance the program for funding education and healthcare, among other things.

Additionally, according to Ruto, the funds gathered by the government would be crucial for funding the budget.

The Head of State added, “Every Kenyan should pay their fair share of taxes so that the state can have the money to ensure that every child in Kenya attends to school without burdening their parents.”

“I have been searching for somebody to help my tax program. Everyone should pay taxes, the religion has told you all. This will help us raise funds to manage this nation, he continued.

The Head of State thanked the church for helping his tax collecting program and noted that religious leaders were assisting him in raising awareness of its importance among the populace.

Ruto’s proposals to keep an eye on the nation’s mobile money transactions continued to infuriate the populace, and COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli angrily rejected them.

In order to help the government and recover the economy, Atwoli requested that the National Treasury find a different approach to raise money.

Atwoli defended his position by asserting that Kenyans will stop using the sites as a result of the decision.

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