MARTHA KARUA makes a demand before tomorrow’s rally in Kamukunji for RAILA


In regards to the results of the elections in August 2022, Martha Karua, the leader of NARC Kenya, has issued demands to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

Karua, a former running mate of Raila Odinga, urged in a statement that the IEBC open the servers in order to verify the validity of the claim made by the whistleblower that Baba won the 2022 election by 8.1 million votes to President William Ruto’s 5.9 votes.

Karua asserts that the time is now for Kenyans to learn the truth about what actually transpired during the August 9, 2022, General Election and that it is stored on IEBC servers.

The time has come when the truth will no longer be able to be buried, forgotten, or suppressed.

Kenyans have a right to knowledge, the servers hold the answers, and anyone who questions the whistleblower’s data should demand that the servers be made transparent.

According to the former Constitutional and Justice Minister, accessing the IEBC servers is the only way for Kenya to learn the truth and be liberated from electoral fraud once and for all.

Karua asserted that the IEBC is merely a duty bearer on behalf of Kenyans and that it has no control over the records.

She commanded the IEBC to listen and open servers because “the records belong to us and all power is wielded by each and every office on our behalf.”

A day before Raila’s planned engagement demonstration in Kamukunji, Karua made the demands.


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