Joyce Irungu, a fellow gospel singer and MARY LINCOLN’s friend, gets exposed by a young Kikuyu gospel singer for what she did to Ms. Lincoln.


A rising Kikuyu gospel singer by the name of Shiru Blessed has accused Joyce Irungu, a friend and fellow performer, of underpaying her.

Shiru claimed on social media that Joyce consented to her request for a collaboration after she made it.

They went to the recording studio and made a song, but Joyce claimed that their voices did not rhyme.

Then they struck a bargain.

Joyce asked Shiru to allow her to record the song by herself in exchange for sponsoring her to record another song.

Shiru concurred without being aware of Joyce’s wicked scheme.

Read the singer’s Facebook post where she describes how she let her down.

Another pulpit thief, Mary Lincoln, is good friends with Joyce.


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