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CARDI B counsels followers as she starts her second day of community service, “Obey the law.”

Cardi B has started her community service for the attack she took part in at a strip club, and she is not happy about it.

In September 2022, Cardi, actual name Belcalis Almánzar, entered a plea to two misdemeanor counts related to the 2018 strip club violence in Queens, New York.

The actress at the time agreed to a plea deal that included 15 days of community service and a three-year order of protection against the other women engaged in the altercation.

On Tuesday, January 17, she had to finish the community service, but by that time, she had put in exactly zero hours.

She was consequently summoned to court in New York City on Tuesday after failing to complete the 15 days of required unpaid work required as part of a plea agreement.

On Tuesday, January 17, a photo of the rapper was taken in Queens County Criminal Court, where she was granted until March 1 to finish the mandatory 15 days of community service.

On Jan. 19, she started her community service, and she expressed her feelings about it on Twitter.

Winter is a “sad girl,” she wrote.

She tweeted a selfie of herself getting ready today, the second day of her community service, and wrote: “Second day of community service……” Respect the law.


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