Ladies who spent £4,000 on veneers in Turkey allege they have been in excruciating pain and have been unable to consume hot beverages for five months.


A lesbian pair who spent £4,000 on Turkey teeth claim to be in excruciating pain and have been unable to consume hot beverages for five months.

The cosmetic veneers, according to Jade and Kelly Tushingham, who are dating, “ruined their lives.”

In order to place new veneers over top of existing ones, teeth must first be shaved down.

The Chester-based pair stated that after dreaming of having picture-perfect smiles, they eagerly packed their bags and flew to Antalya, Turkey.

Jade and Kelly are now advising others not to have the operation done abroad after getting the pearly whites fitted. They assert that lower dental costs convinced them to go since they wanted to maximize their travel time.

They chose to pay £4,240 for both of them overseas because getting veneers fitted in the UK costs almost £20,000 per person.

They are currently in excruciating discomfort and are only able to eat and drink soup and mashed potatoes.

The pair described how the surgery was carried out, claiming that local anesthetic doses were administered before dentists filed their teeth down.

They admitted to feeling “immediate” pain, which was followed by a torturous five-hour wait in the clinic’s lobby for dentists to place temporary veneers on their “shark teeth.”

The pair claims that their teeth “stubs” hurt for the five days that followed as they awaited their final fittings.

The couple was ultimately brought back to have their crowns fitted on the sixth day, but they both said the surgery felt “like a blood bath.”

They are now thinking about going back to the Turkey clinic and demanding that their teeth be fixed. Jade stated to The Sun;

“Even though my teeth were in good shape before, I’ve always wanted it done.

We both still experience chronic pain, though, even now.

“Everything at the hotel looked delicious, but we were unable to partake in any of it.

“We survived on mashed potatoes and soup; even drinking was challenging because of how sensitive our teeth were.

“With hindsight, we definitely would not have had it done.

“We paid for it by using some savings we already had.

“It’s like a nightmare, but they look wonderful and in images are exquisite.”

Jade, who recalled how he contacted the dentist about the discomfort they had been feeling, remarked;

When we went back, we messaged the dentist about it on Instagram.

The language barrier made it challenging to explain, but she suggested we try a muscle relaxant and take Ibuprofen for five days.

“We didn’t know what to do because we had already been taking ibuprofen and it had made no impact.

“Nothing seemed to be able to ease the ache. It is unpleasant to drink something cold after consuming a hot dinner.

Because our teeth are so sensitive, we are unable to even enjoy a cup of tea.

“Painkillers are with us everywhere we go.

In the UK, no dentist would even consider treating them.

“People frequently ask us where we had our teeth done because they want theirs to appear as good as ours do visually.

“We always advise against having them done. Never would we advocate for them to anyone.

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