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After experiencing a heart arrest, NFL great DAMAR HAMLIN will require oxygen for a while.


Three weeks after suffering a cardiac arrest in Cincinnati, Damar Hamlin, a Buffalo Bills safety, is still dealing with a difficult rehabilitation, his family’s representative stated.

On January 2, during the Bills’ game against the Bengals, Hamlin fainted and experienced cardiac arrest. He had to be revived on the field.

The 24-year-old patient was in the hospital for more than a week before being allowed to go home after showing promising improvement.

Although Hamlin reportedly has visited the Bills’ training facility almost daily since being released, the player’s marketing manager has cautioned that Hamlin’s recovery process will be a protracted one. Bills coach Sean McDermott.

According to Jordon Rooney, Hamlin’s longtime friend and business partner, “Damar still needs oxygen and is having his heart monitored periodically to ensure there are no setbacks or after effects.” on Thursday night. Damar is allowed to visit the team’s facility, but he is not in a position to travel frequently and needs more time to relax so that his body can recuperate.

Rooney gave the information to highlight that after being released from Buffalo General Medical Center on January 11, Hamlin still faces challenges. Hamlin was released five days after his medical team reported that he was breathing independently, walking, speaking, and without exhibiting any brain damage.

Rooney’s statement also put into perspective McDermott’s remarks, who on Wednesday disclosed Hamlin frequented the team’s facility. Hamlin, though, is “dipping his toe back in here and beginning on the road to just getting back to himself,” according to McDermott, who also emphasized that he was taking “a tiny step at a time.”

‘Hamlin is very upbeat and grateful for the support he’s received from his teammates and coaches, Bills Mafia, and people from around the world,’ according to Rooney, who also noted that Hamlin is being looked after by his parents. Because of the outpouring of support, Chasing M’s, Hamlin’s philanthropic organization, has been able to raise close to $9 million in donations.
Hamlin will be rooting for the Bills on Sunday when Buffalo meets Cincinnati in an AFC divisional game, he said without specifying from where.



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