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RUTO is shocked to see how his pals are defrauding his country without his knowledge as the Auditor General reveals to him their scams.

President William Ruto was rendered speechless as Auditor General Nancy Gathungu demonstrated to him how his buddies defraud his country without his knowledge.

Gathungu lamented a pattern in which Ministries fail to spend budgetary allotments to their departments within the allotted period with the intention of embezzling the monies. He was speaking at a meeting at State House.

She pointed out that many state departments did not use their allotments within the statutory twelve months, which was a requirement.

She claims that the unused monies serve as a vehicle for the misuse of public cash through improper distribution and other irregularities.

However, Your Excellency, we added a thirteenth month, and a lot of resources were wasted in that month.

Unfortunately, they received monies in July that they shouldn’t have, and this leaves gaps for wastage, reallocation, misallocation, and irregularities, your excellency, Gathungu said.

To prevent such waste during his administration, she urged the President to implement adjustments to the rules governing public finance management.

She pointed out that the legislature needed to work with the National Treasury to pass supportive legislation in order to streamline the regulations.

She continued, “Your Excellency, the CS National Treasury needs to address this and this can be done as a directive or as an amendment to the public finance management Act including instituting a crew accounting so your PSs don’t struggle as other PSs have struggled in the past to absorb funds at the last quarter of the financial year.

President Ruto acknowledged the function of the auditor general and, indirectly, other independent offices in ensuring that the government has checks and balances.


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