How thugs posing as detectives from Pangani Police Station broke into a residence in Ruiru and tried to rob the inhabitants


Yesterday evening, two individuals who were posing as detectives invaded a residence at Kihunguro in Ruiru, Kiambu County.

Prior to residents becoming suspicious and raising an alarm, which attracted officers from Ruiru police station who rushed to the scene and restored order, the two who raided a house at Elim Shepherd apartment at around one in the morning had identified themselves as detectives based at Pangani police station.

The thugs were taken aback by the officers’ quick response as one of them tried to leap from the third floor of the apartment but instead fell heavily to the floor, severely injuring his head.

After the residents had made the crucial call, the all-terrain police land cruiser could be heard groaning from a Kilometre away minutes later. Its wheels smashed enthusiastically into the rocky path leading to the apartment, going ga ga ga ga ga!

The guys appeared to have been intimidated by the recently acquired beast’s screaming noise and full beam spotlights as they unsuccessfully searched for an exit.

One of the thugs pulled the James Bond stunt that backfired horribly, after he landed, as the vehicle maneuvered the final bend to the apartment’s gate with two recently graduated Kiganjo police officers hanging precariously at the back with their rifles carefully secured on their chests with a sling.

After handing over his fake pistol and fake police certificate of appointment, his distressed accomplice, who had no chance against the two dark, lanky, and mean-looking new constables of athletic height, instantly surrendered.

As he informed command over the police radio of the duo’s successful arrest, the in-charge corporal sat back in the front passenger seat and observed the good work of his men.

The suspect was sent to Ruiru Level 4 hospital for treatment after suffering critical wounds, and his accomplice, Robert Gitonga, was made a guest of the state at Ruiru police station.


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