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Here is MUTHAMA’s letter to AZIMIO leaders asserting RAILA ODINGA won the presidential election on August 9, 2022.


Johnson Muthama, the chairman of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), has reacted to statements made by leaders of the Azimio One Kenya Alliance that Raila Odinga won the August 9th presidential election.

President William Ruto came in second with 5.9 million votes, according to Azimio leaders led by Jeremiah Kioni, secretary general of the Jubilee Party, and former vice president Kalonzo Musyoka. Raila was declared the winner with 8.1 million votes.

The group asserted that they learned of this information via an insider at the IEBC who is now under 24-hour witness protection.

In response to these allegations, Muthama asked the leaders and followers of the Azimio party to move on and acknowledge that Ruto had won the election and had become the country’s fifth president.

“It is in complete dismay to see Azimio supporters refuse to move on when the Country is far away in search of economic prosperity. When court procedures were taking place, where were @skmusyoka, @JeremiahKionia, and the alleged whistleblowers? Where was their present misfortune?” asked Muthama.

The will of God and the people will always prevail, Muthama continued, regardless of how many hints, tricks, or threats are used.

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