Following the weekend murder of the group’s head, an undercover police officer reveals the remaining WADANDO GAZA gang members, who are all very young boys (PHOTOs).


A criminal organization centered in Nairobi’s Eastlands neighborhood, the notorious Wadando-Gaza gang is primarily made up of young lads between the ages of 19 and 21.

The authorities are looking for the gang members as the most wanted criminals since they have been connected to several criminal actions.

They rode motorbikes while carrying weapons.

Detectives gathered information about the gang’s tactics over the weekend and shot their leader, known as Eddy alias Yutman Mgaza Wadando, following a failed robbery attempt.

Photos of the remaining gang members have been uploaded online by an undercover police officer tasked with eliminating the criminal organization.

The day their gang leader was assassinated, one of the guys narrowly avoided death.

The cop claims that the gang is extremely violent and that when provoked, they can kill with ease.

View the images of the gang’s surviving members.


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