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Want a portion of the Sh50 billion Hustler Fund from RUTO? This is how to use a mobile app and USSD to apply for a loan.


At a ceremony held today at Nairobi’s Green Park Terminus, President William Ruto formally unveiled his signature pledge, the Sh50 billion Hustlers’ Fund.

The fund was a component of Ruto’s goal to uplift regular Kenyans by giving them more economic power.

The fund will offer 500 times cheaper financing to Kenya at a daily interest rate of 0.002%, per a cabinet dispatch published on Tuesday, November 29.

There are four types of loans: start-up loans, SMEs loans, microloans, and personal loans.
Between Ksh500 and Ksh50,000 will be the range for personal loans, which should be quick to process within 14 days.

How to Use

The government claims that users would be able to apply for loans by using the USSD code *254#, which will take them to a menu.

As an alternative, you can use mobile applications offered by national mobile money service providers to access the credit facility.

Use a mobile application or the USSD code *USSD code#.

View the loan limit, interest rate, and term by choosing the loan request option.

To proceed, key in the loan amount and click OK.

Check the displayed loan information to continue.

Type your Mobile Money pin in

Get essential loan information via SMS notifications when loans are allocated.

The applicant must provide information, such as a business plan, a police clearance certificate, a PIN for the Kenya Revenue Authority, and their address.
Upon approval, 95% of the funds will be transferred to your mobile money account, and the remaining 5% will be transferred to your savings account in support of the Hustlers pension plan.


The government has established a number of restrictions for potential beneficiaries, including an age requirement that candidates must be at least 18 years old.

The Ministry of Co-operatives and MSMEs is charged for developing and putting the strategy into action.

Must be a citizen of Kenya and be at least 18 years old.
require a current national identification card (ID)
Must have a registered mobile number from one of Kenya’s three major mobile network operators, either Airtel, Safaricom, or Telkom.
possess a mobile money account, such as Airtel Money, M-PESA, or T-Kash
Only if the SIM card in issue has been in use for longer than 90 days will it be considered eligible.
reside in Kenya and engage in commercial activity there.
During the onboarding process, provide your residence’s address (where applicable).



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