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Woman busted at Gilgil Police Station trying to smuggle marijuana to her husband (PHOTOs).


When a lady tried to smuggle marijuana into a suspect who was being held by the police at Gilgil police station, the hawk-eyed cops guarding the station’s report office stopped her in her tracks, forcing the woman into uncharted area.

Caroline Imenza, a brazen 30-year-old, entered the Gilgil Police Station shortly after six in the morning and asked to speak with her husband Stephen Nyabuto, who was a guest of the state there.

The quiet Imenza, who gave off the impression of being a decent wife and whose conduct seemed above reproach, had brought a loaf of bread and a flask of hot tea for her husband to have for breakfast.

The woman’s demeanor did not, however, sway the female officer who was on duty at the report office desk.

In the process of uncovering the loaf of bread, she discovered the steep gorge typical of modern loaves of bread as well as five rolls of hashish, five cigarettes, and a matchbox.

The police arrested Imenza right away and took her to a private area designated for matters involving gender, where she thoroughly searched the defendant.

Her efforts paid off when she found a further 80 rolls of the herb carefully tucked away in the suspect’s underwear.

The suspect’s attempts to buy the cops’ cooperation by offering them Sh2,000 in exchange for their release met with resistance and an extra charge.

She is being held while awaiting an arraignment.

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