WILSON SOSSION sheds his pride and literally begs RUTO for a job after not being appointed CS or PS.


Former General Secretary of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT), Wilson Socion, feels the full weight of the political coldness.

In his interview, Socion asked President William Ruto to offer him a job after missing several appointments, saying he was tired of doing nothing.

The former ODM MP candidate has shown confidence in his ability to implement and secure the route agenda if allowed to serve Kenyans.

“I promise to do the best I can in any position. It’s nobody’s business,” Socion said.

“If an appointment comes, please come as soon as possible. I will accept it and carry it out,” he said.

Sossion was touted as a potential cabinet secretary of education after being in the education corridor for too long, but Ruto ignored him and put Ezekiel Machogu on that list. He didn’t even consider him for the post of general secretary.

Rumors swirled last week that Ruto had finally chosen Sosson as CEO of the Teachers Services Commission (TSC) to replace Nancy Maccharia, but as it turns out, it was just a rumor.

According to Sossion, his alleged title at TSC with which he was associated was fake and created by a social media user.

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