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“I need to kill you father” Kids get down on their dad in the wake of finding confirmation that he is CHEATING on their mom.

A dad was embarrassed by his girls after they found verification that he is undermining their mom once more.

The little girls, said to be Ugandans living in USA, tracked down their dad’s talks with his fancy woman so they read out the visits within the sight of other relatives, including their dad and mom.

They told their dad he should be embarrassed about himself, they additionally let him know that he can’t continue to put their mom through that while she is attempting to chip away at the marriage.

At a certain point, one of the girls starts crying and tells her dad, “I need to kill you father.”

She additionally told him, “You ought to be embarrassed. What number of f times would you say you will put my mum through the equivalent f* bullsh*t?”

Another girl then, at that point, goes to their mum and gives her a sweater to keep warm.

While this is going on, the dad, who has some tea sitting on a table before him, is seen quietly checking his little girls out.

At the point when the dad attempts to intrude on, the little girls will not allow him to talk.

One little girl is heard saying: “Daddy, you are a cheater and you must pay attention to what she’s talking about.”

Another little girl says: “You are not that mentor. It doesn’t matter at all to me who you are to me, you aren’t anything to me.”

The camera zooms to their dad’s talk with the other lady eventually and it shows them sexting.

The lady discusses sending him “nudes” of “those huge boobs” and empowering him to check them out.

She additionally stated: “You know it when it’s wet.”

After they read out the talks, one little girl tells their dad: “I figured out even before Jane however me and you don’t have a decent relationship. Thus, when I saw this, when I read this, it didn’t hurt me since I previously concluded that quite a while back, I lost you as a father. Thus, when I saw this, it didn’t hurt me.”

In any case, she said her sisters were harmed when they found out.

The little girl proceeds: “She found out, Tyra figured out the day we got back and Tyra cried. Ashley figured out today. Also, Ashley cherished you, Ashley adored you, that is the reason she’s so distraught like this since she adored you.”

Ashley then, at that point, starts crying as of now as she gets down on her dad and lets him know that she needs to kill him.

The video has turned into a web sensation and has evoked blended responses.


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