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Festivities as RUTO changes diplomas into Degrees – Look! In the event that you have the accompanying Recognition, you as of now have a College Degree.


There is at last reason to have hope for large number of Confirmation holders after the Public authority of President William Ruto switched them over completely to College Degrees.

The public authority through Kenya Public Capabilities Authority (KNQA) has assigned Kenya Clinical Trade school (KMTC) Higher Public Certificate as a likeness a College Degree.

This follows a fruitful assessment and resulting underwriting as a Capability Granting Establishment (QAI).

Thus, KMTC got an endorsement of enrollment and license from the public government.

This profession places the foundation’s Higher Recognition Capabilities in the KNQA level 7 which makes them comparable to the Four year college education, Ensured Public Bookkeeper (CPA) III, Affirmed Public Secretary (CPS), or Expert Art Individual I.

Kenya Public Capabilities Authority Acting Chamber Seat CPA Rosemary Njogu commended the School for the essential job it keeps on playing in Kenya’s wellbeing area.

“We recognize and value the effect that KMTC has had in shielding the strength of millions of Kenyans and past our line.”

“Remembering that the School’s courses are intended to construct basic clinical abilities while consolidating the viable utilization of current innovation, the license as a QAI will bear importance in Kenya’s clinical field and the African Wellbeing Area likewise,” Njogu expressed.

On his part, KMTC Board Administrator Diplomat Zachary Muburi-Muita, held that “the choice to enlist capabilities and students with KNQA constructs trust in our projects and has, in this manner, opened new chances to draw in as well as select more unfamiliar understudies while situating KMTC as the debut Center Level Clinical Trade school in Kenya and then some.”

The Kenya Public Capabilities Authority (KNQA) assignment of KMTC’s Higher Recognition into a College Degree drew blended responses from Kenyans in with a pioneers approaching the body to assign more certificates into degrees.

KMTC has up until this point enrolled 57,268 alumni, who finished their preparation somewhere in the range of 2016 and 2021, with KNQA while exactly 16,000 understudies are set to graduate on December 1, 2022.



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