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You won’t believe what the youngster who had a fork stuck in his head, Jembe, asked KNH physicians before he passed away: “This is painful!”

His mother has revealed the last plea the youngster made to the surgeons who operated on him to remove the fork jembe as Kenyans continue to come to terms with the tragic death of a boy with a fork jembe lodged in his skull at Kenyatta National Hospital on Tuesday.

Judy Muthoni claims that her son asked for water while talking the entire time.

“My son talked the entire time. As she recalled her son’s final moments, Muthoni stated, “He last asked for water.

On Tuesday night, October 11, the kid passed away just over 24 hours after being struck by the fork jembe.

She questioned how a lighthearted moment among her three children had resulted in the premature death of her infant as she struggled to make sense of the events of the last week.

Since then, Muthoni has moved the responsibility for her son’s passing to KNH.

“KNH is to blame for my son’s passing. They were more concerned that I would raise Ksh20,500 to buy a bed than that my son would be saved. I paid for my indigence,” the mother mourned.

The baby’s earlier analysis, according to a statement from KNH, indicated difficulties that made the surgery difficult.

The doctors claimed that the jembe had entered the brain and caused edema as a result of internal bleeding. Before operating on the child, medical personnel also tried to stem the bleeding.


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