As quickly as possible, forget about cheap Unga since things are about to get increasingly tougher because RIGATHI GACHAGUA will temper their enthusiasm.


Skip the cheap Unga as soon as possible because things are about to get considerably harder – RIGATHI GACHAGUA dampens the eager hustlers’ spirits. The hustlers waiting for the Kenya Kwanza Government to lower the price of Unga and other essential items as President William Ruto promised have received a warning from Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Gachagua ruled out a cut in Unga prices in the near future in an interview yesterday, claiming that they inherited a crumbling economy from the previous administration and would need more time to fix things.

Gachagua claims that because the previous government’s subsidy of Unga to reach the Sh100 per 2kg packet constituted blatant robbery, the Kenya Kwanza Government will not do so.

Without confirmation, we won’t pay any expenses. They claim to hold Ksh8 billion in unpaid invoices, but no one has ever seen the unga. The subsidy was misused by a few dealers working along with a few government officials, he claimed.

His remarks come in the midst of public demand to reduce the high costs of maize flour. Kenyans are also dealing with the high cost of petrol as a result of the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority’s review of pump prices, which resulted in an increase (EPRA).

Gachagua urged Kenyans to be patient with them while they search for a long-term solution to revive the country’s economy.

He agreed with President Ruto’s decision to end the subsidies, arguing that they merely provided a short-term fix to the issue.

“We’re seeking for a lasting and viable answer. It would have been misleading to Kenyans to sustain fuel subsidies for a brief period of time before an economic collapse.

“I want to tell our folks to wait it out; everything will be fine. We don’t want a short-term or false solution like the one implemented for Unga, the DP said.


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